Nashville Wedding Photographer
Nashville Wedding Photographer


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Relationships :
​The heart of our business 
Nashville Wedding Photographer
Nashville Wedding Photographer
Nashville Wedding Photographer
Our relationship to you, our client, is of utmost importance because our relationship enables us to better work together as a creative team for your wedding or photo session.

Almost every image we create captures the sweet relationship between you and your new spouse along with the little moments with your friends and family.
Nashville Wedding Photographer
The most important relationship is the one we have with Jesus Christ for it is from Him we gain our ability to be sensitive to all the relationships important in your life.

We document these relationships in album and wall art options to help you fondly remember the moments you shared.

Walk with us upon the journey of documenting your relationships.  It all starts with a call to 615.730.3030. 
  1. Amazing Personality
    Amazing Personality
    I have never worked with a photographer with such an amazing personality. His pictures are amazing. Some of the ideas
The pictures were great and we are very glad we chose him to help capture our special day.  A very professional company and a good Christian man to work with. Thanks James! ~ Wes
he gave us were perfect for our special day! Would recommend this company to any and all people I know!!!! ~ Lenorea

again in the future. ~Catina

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​​S​​tudio Raymo Photography is an experienced wedding and portrait photographer with more than 20 years satisfying clients in the Southeastern U.S and   Middle Tennessee .  

We are absolutely passionate about photography, we are Inspired by sessions like yours! 

very image is created by drawing upon our  deepest , God-given beliefs about marriage and unique sensibilities for one-of-a-kind images sure to touch your heart.​

Experience our romantic approach to capturing your memories.
Trust our personalized image options, hand-picked to ensure a memorable collection for years to come without the fear of obsolete technology. ​​

We work to offer every client a pleasant, unforgettable experience! 

"Your photographer is the most important person you hire "
Nashville Wedding Photographer
My name is James and I am lead photographer of Studio Raymo Photography.

Since 1994, I have been shooting weddings in both film and digital formats and have had many satisfied clients throughout the Southeast.

For a chat, please let me know by visiting our contact page or calling at 615-730-3030.     

Worried about making the right decision on who to hire as your wedding photographer? 

Below are just a few benefits to hiring Studio Raymo...
o as your photographer.

Relax, you’re in good hands. Your photographer is the most important person you hire on your wedding day because they’re the only person who spends the whole day with you. Of course you want a photographer who’s skilled and helpful, but you also need someone you can trust and rely upon. I’ve photographed many weddings over the last 20+ years and I’ve seen a lot, so I’m prepared for just about anything. My experience helps ensure everything runs smoothly and I’m always by your side if you need help or advice. 

Our Benefits

Photography Experience

Our #1 Priority

No Hidden Fees

  ​In today’s wedding market, there are numerous photographers with little to no experience.  Some will even take GREAT pictures, but do they really know weddings?  I photographed my first wedding in 1994. That was 20 years ago! Of course, this was back in film days so you didn’t have the luxury of taking hundreds of pictures hoping to get a few good ones.  It forced me to learn how a wedding flows, when to expect this moment or that, and to ensure I had the right shot taken.  Even though it’s easy to get “snap happy” with digital photography, I carried over my film thinking so that I still make sure I capture the right image at the right time.  

It's all about the experience!
Far too many people experience the effects of bad customer service. You’ve likely heard, seen, or read about wedding photographer horror stories. I dare say that many of these are due to inexperience, while others are character issues. Sure things happen, but that doesn’t negate the need for good customer service. As our client, you’re satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority. The relationship we have with you is our A#1 priority because it really matters to us.
When we sit down for your free, no obligation consultation, we lay out the details before you. We’re kinda transparent that way. In addition, your wedding agreement will also detail all the pricing details we arrange for your personal package. You aren’t charged extra for what we’ve already included in our pricing structure. Our pricing includes, but not limited to: Photoshop work, Second Photographer (when hired), assistants, transportation, albums, prints and insurance. I mean, how absurd is it to pay a hefty fee for wedding photography and tack on more for print products?

No Time Restrictions

Physical Wedding Album

Delight Guarantee

A leather bound, professional wedding album will allow you to sit with your children and grandchildren and retell the story of your wedding day through pictures without worrying about your CD or flash drive working 20 or 30 years from now. We believe “Technology is temporary, albums are forever.”
Because we are confident in our equipment, experience, and ability; because your happiness is extremely important to us, we confidently provide a money-back guarantee. If you’re not delighted with the results I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you are delighted – including giving you all your money back.

You can’t possibly lose!

Some photographers give you a 'timed slot'. We don’t want you to feel like we’re directing your wedding, pushing to get things done in a certain order or at a certain time. Therefore,we don’t put a time limit on your wedding. We are your photographer from beginning to end and one who only wants to create photos that touch your heart, not just snaps. We're only finished once you escape to your honeymoon! This is why so many of my clients actually cry tears of joy when they see their photos for the first time.

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Experience Studio  Raymo​​

You’ll look absolutely stunning: Whether you love a natural look or creative effects, I’ll spend hours enhancing your portraits in Photoshop. The end result is you get to own beautiful fine art wall portraits to enjoy in your home, for a lifetime.
We capture the moments
Imagine capturing a playful moment between a bride and her grandmother hamming it up, not posing for it, but knowing the camera was nearby. The Lord called her grandmother home a couple of months later and that image was one of the bride's last memories with her.  How valuable would that image be to you?
We Capture the story
Imagine the couple, high school sweet hearts, who were reunited late in life despite living several hours apart.  Imagine the love story that brought them together and their journey to get to the altar. Imagine an experienced photographer capturing the gleam in the bride's eye and the beam on the groom's face as they meet in the aisle of the church to walk hand in hand to the altar. Imagine the newlywed couple smiling lovingly into each other's faces knowing they are finally husband and wife. Imagine the recreation of the proposal by the fountain where he asked her to wed.  Had they not placed value on a professional, would they still have these moments artfully captured?

Presentation Matters to Us!
Now imagine the difference in a CD of images that may lay in a drawer, untouched for years until the mood strikes.  Files are probably arranged by name or date.  Compare that to a classic bound, leather album of images created by your wedding photographer that is thoughtfully laid out, not in a jumble of still shots, but in such a way that it retells the story of your wedding day so that you can relive the day as you turn the pages. After a few years of marriage, I can honestly tell you that I have never looked at my wedding CD or even know where it is.
We cater to you!
Let's now imagine the difference between two photographers. The first is the inexperienced photographer who snaps a few shots of your wedding and posts them online for the world to see. The second is the seasoned professional who takes time to meet with you and walk you through your wedding images , perhaps with refreshments, helping you relive the day and choosing those images most important to you for your album or home.  Is this level of service important to you?

You see, there is value in professional photography.

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The Raymo Investment


Most of our clients spend an average of $2,200 for complete collections, which include:
  • Engagement session
  • Up to 8 hours of coverage at your location in the Middle Tennessee region
  • Two photographers
  • A 10 page/20 side leather heirloom album
  • ​& much more

We believe our photography has intrinsic value. 

Need more information?  Call us. 615.730.3030​.

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