Photography Assistant
Job Description
I am looking for a photography assistant to help me during photography sessions.
This person will help me with, photography sessions, and some marketing. The primary duties will be during photo sessions, where I’ll need someone to help me carry gear, assist with lighting equipment, and other duties to help these sessions go smoothly and provide an exceptional client experience.
Assistants will also help with content creation for marketing projects, including shooting BTS photos and videos during photography sessions.
This is a great opportunity for a student interested in photography to gain experience working on real photoshoots. Throughout each session, I will share tips and knowledge and help you learn and grow as a photographer.
The right candidate may also be trained as an associate photographer for sessions.
Job Location
Rutherford County, Tennessee, and surrounding areas.
Duties and Responsibilities
     - Help carry gear during sessions or events.
     - Assist with setting up and managing lighting equipment and modifiers.
     - Be an extra set of eyes during the shoot – help me look out for stray hairs, wrinkled clothes, etc.
     - Help to pose and direct clients during sessions.
     - Help get children to look at the camera during family sessions.
     - Offer creative ideas during sessions.
     - Assist with marketing content creation including shooting photos and video during photoshoots.
     - Other tasks, as assigned, to provide an exceptional client experience.

Required Skills and Qualifications
At least 18 years of age.
No experience is necessary. I can teach you what you’ll need to know, but knowing the following can be helpful.
     - Familiarity with professional cameras and lighting equipment is helpful.
     - HIGH sense of punctuality and commitment.
     - Conservative demeanor and collaborative mindset.
     - Ability to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Sessions in bad weather are very rare, but it happens.
     - Basic knowledge of lighting – Much of this can be taught to you but you should understand basic lighting techniques.
     - Able to be active for long periods. 
     - Able to lift 30 lbs. This is rare but some equipment might be heavy.
     - Have reliable transportation/
The schedule will vary widely depending on the number of sessions booked during the year.  As such, there is no minimum number of hours guaranteed.
The timing of shifts will vary depending on bookings. Most photo sessions take place on Saturdays. Occasionally there may be an early morning session. Each session will be between 1-2 hours of work. 
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